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Your security? Our priority

Never deceive you

Our results are real. We encourage you to check it out!

A really complex system, despite the simple appearance, can get all the information effectively.

100% sure

Our public code and behaviour auditable guarantee that your password is used only from your computer or smartphone and we don't know nor want to know. You privacy is safe!.

All stored data and reports are only accessible by you. If we can not verify that you who try to access The report will be automatically deleted!

Maximum respect for your privacy

Do you use your our app? Well, no one will know!

The qmiran using is absolutely private and we will never publish without your consent.

We either force you to bring your friends and neither we don't forcé you to publish to use qmiran.

Our happy users are our only and best advertising. Do you like qmiran? Recommend it to your friends! But we'll never forcé you.

It was never been so easy to unsubscribe!

Are you tired of qmiran? Don't you want to join our incredible social world?

It is easy peasy! Uninstall the app or simply you don't use it within a reasonable time. All your information automatically disappears from our databases.

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qmiran is free but that doesn't mean that we don't care foryou:

Check our guarantees. Know everything that we promise to offer you!
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